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Goodbye, discoloured teeth. Hello, radiant smile! Bleaching gently whitens your teeth and improves their aesthetics.

Bleaching: At a glance

Whitening teeth

Bleaching neutralizes discolouration caused, for example, by tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco or medication.

Immediately visible

The effect of in-office bleaching is immediately visible. You go home with white teeth after the treatment.

Bleaching costs

Depending on the material, bleaching costs around €500. A teeth cleaning should take place before the bleaching.

Pre-existing conditions

If you have caries or other dental diseases, they must be treated before bleaching.


Professional bleaching is gentle on the gums and oral cavity because the active ingredient is applied with pinpoint accuracy.


Bleaching does not whiten dental fillings and dentures! We will be happy to advise you on this in detail - there are always options.

Bleaching: FAQ

Bleaching is a chemical process. During this process, free radicals transform discoloured molecules in the tooth enamel and dentin into colourless molecules. Before we start, we examine and clean the teeth to remove surface discolouration. If we discover diseases such as caries during the examination, we have to treat them first.

After a few days, we move on to the next round: you decide between in-office bleaching and home bleaching. In-office bleaching is carried out in our practice. Because we use a highly concentrated whitening substance, the result is visible immediately after the treatment. With home bleaching, we make individual bleaching trays for you, which you coat with a bleaching gel and wear at home for several days.

Anyone who struggles with discolouration and wants beautiful white teeth can be happy with bleaching. Especially smokers or passionate tea and coffee drinkers are often affected by external discolouration. Bleaching also helps with internal discolouration. Internal discolouration is caused by dead tooth nerves or medicines such as tetracycline, for example.

Bleaching can lead to temporary hypersensitivity of the teeth, which usually disappears after a few days. We have special gels in our practice for such cases.

If you avoid the causes of discolouration after treatment, it can take several years before new discolourations form.

It is very important to know that existing fillings and dentures are not whitened by bleaching. This can lead to unwanted colour effects. Of course, we can remove fillings and replace them with new ones of a different colour. However, insurance companies do not usually pay for this. If you have fillings and replacements and would still like to have them bleached, we will be happy to advise you on your options.

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The practice

Prophylaxis in Berlin? You can get it in our practice! Here we tell you what the practice looks like and what else you can expect.

The mission

We want you to enjoy going to the dentist. Are we crazy?

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