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No tooth is made to last forever! To replace lost or severely damaged teeth, we work with crowns, dental bridges, implants and dentures.

Dentures: At a glance

No gap

There is no need for gaps. If you lose one or more teeth, we close the gap with dentures.


Implants are fixed or removable. They are connected to the jawbone and prevent bone loss.

Cost of dentures

The cost depends on many factors such as the choice of material, the type of treatment and, of course, the time and laboratory work involved.


Bridges & crowns sit firmly in the denture. They are particularly stable, look natural and are comfortable to wear.


Full and partial dentures are removable and support a healthy chewing function in case of gaps between the teeth.


Health insurance companies pay for medically necessary treatment. This is often not the best, but the most basic type of treatment.

Dentures: FAQ

We distinguish between fixed and removable dentures. Fixed dentures include bridges and crowns. Removable dentures include all types of prostheses, e.g. full dentures, partial dentures (clasp dentures), telescopic dentures, attachment dentures or bar dentures. Implants can be both fixed and removable. Our dentists will be happy to advise you on which solution best suits you and your wishes.

That depends entirely on your current dental situation. For example, we can only use bridges if the area to be bridged is manageable and the abutment teeth are sufficiently resilient. Implants only make sense if the jawbone can support them. The use of dentures is also linked to special prerequisites. In other words: the question of the right denture is always an individual one.

Modern dentistry is well equipped to avoid and reduce pain during treatment. There is no need to worry. You may experience slight, temporary pain after the denture has been fitted, but this is quite normal. Usually this is because you now have a “foreign element” in your teeth that your body has to get used to. For major procedures such as implant placement, we are happy to give you a painkiller to take home with you in case you experience any pain.

The costs for dentures vary greatly. Health insurance companies contribute at least the so-called fixed allowance. However, they base this allowance on a very simple treatment that is not necessarily medically sustainable. This is where supplementary dental insurance can pay off. If you want expensive bridges or implants, the costs can add up to several thousand euros.

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The practice

Prophylaxis in Berlin? You can get it in our practice! Here we tell you what the practice looks like and what else you can expect.

The mission

We want you to enjoy going to the dentist. Are we crazy?

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